Paleo Pancakes at Egg Harbor

The Egg Harbor location in Barrington is a frequent eating destination for us.  It is close to where we live and has good gluten free menu options. For those not already familiar with Egg Harbor, it serves breakfast and lunch and has a number of locations in the Chicagoland area. On our most recent visit, they offered a Paleo Pancake. photo 1 Made with egg, almond butter and bananas, there is no flour whatsoever in this recipe.  The pancakes are offered with berries or nuts, and I chose blackberries with mine.

I liked them very much.  They aren’t quite as sturdy as a conventional pancake, but do hold together quite well.  The flavor is pretty balanced, with banana being a bit more prominent.  My guess is that the item was offered with the expectation that it would only be ordered by people on a paleo diet, since they didn’t bring butter or syrup until I requested them.  (I ordered them because they sounded interesting and were guten free, not because I’m on a paleo diet.)   The pancakes are a good choice, whether you are paleo, gluten free, or not.  (These pancakes are not listed on either their regular menu or their gluten free menu, but are listed on a small, perhaps seasonal, menu.)

Egg Harbor is also an excellent choice for lunch   Besides their excellent chicken salads and other menu options, they offer hamburgers photo 2and other sandwiches on a gluten free bun from Sweet Ali’s.
photo 4

The hamburger buns are probably the best gluten free hamburger buns I’ve had.  They hold together very well. photo 3 The plate includes a generous serving of Harbor potatoes and a small green salad or fruit cup.  Altogether a very nice meal.

In thinking about my assessments of various gluten free dishes, an important measure is whether or not the item is something I’d look forward to eating, rather than just being something I am able to eat.  I can definitely look forward to Egg Harbor’s offerings.

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