Fast food, gluten free

My husband had told me that Culver’s was now offering gluten free buns for diners at its restaurants.  Last night, we decided to give them a try, and went to the location in Lake Zurich.

Culver’s has a different approach to serving the gluten free burger/sandwich.   The bun is served in a clear wrap (cellophane?) that has been warmed, and the burger with toppings is presented in the box.  The customer assembles the sandwich so that the opportunities for cross-contamination are kept at a minimum.

I ordered a double Butter Burger, and I’m glad I did.  The bun (I believe it’s Udi’s product) is quite large.  If you ordered a single, the resulting sandwich would have too much bun.  With a double hamburger, there is much more balance to the burger.  The bun held up well while I ate.  No problems with it falling apart, which has been a problem in some other buns.

I enjoyed the hamburger, and I’m glad that Culver’s is providing GF customers with this option.

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