A Mini Adventure

A couple of days ago, my husband and I were going out for lunch and decided to seek out a new restaurant.  We picked a destination and I used the map app on my iPhone to locate restaurants in Arlington Heights.  Our choice was the Palm Court restaurant  on the northwest corner of Palatine Road and Arlington Heights Road.

In spite of it’s location at a major intersection, it still has a rather tucked-away appearance.  Surprisingly, even tho we were rather late for lunch, there was a little wait.  (A full parking lot is always the sign of a popular restaurant.)  We were seated after a very brief wait, and had a table with a love seat, rather than chairs.  Quite cozy.  Let me say that the restaurant dates from 1979, but the decor and ambience seemed to be from a much earlier date.  Waiters were professional,  black-aproned over white shirts, and the food is delivered on carts with hot food covers.  White linen tablecloths and fresh flowers IMG_1783greet the diner.  A really pleasant throw-back to an earlier time.  One could easily expect ladies with upswept hairdos and open-toed shoes being escorted to the tables.  The restaurant has a predominantly seafood menu (with both lunch and dinner options). While there aren’t specific gluten free options, it is easy to find an appropriate choice from the many offerings.

I had a very nice broiled whitefish with lemon sauvignon blanc sauce,  baked potatoIMG_1781, steamed vegetables
and a side salad.  The salad dressing was very rich and thick, and the sour cream for the potato was served in a generous dish.
My husband had calves’ liver, which he said was excellent.  Portions were right-sized, and prices very reasonable. (I forgot to take the photo of my main course until it was partially eaten.  There had been another piece of fish in my plate.)

It’s so refreshing to have a waiter who can converse intelligently with the diners, and isn’t restricted to the canned comments and “have a good one” so often encountered at fast casual restaurants.  Many of the reviews of Palm Court comment that the diners tend to be older, and this is quite true, but there are plenty of people from local businesses, and ladies out for lunch, too.

The restaurant also has a bar and cocktail lounge with live entertainment.  We’ll definitely go there again soon.  I highly recommend it.

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