Ethnic Restaurants have Gluten Free Food

Many ethnic restaurants regularly serve items that are gluten free, but I haven’t encountered many that take advantage of the opportunity to market this feature.

Chinese restaurants and Thai restaurants that prepare meals with rice noodles, rather than wheat noodles, have several options.  Chen Chinese Cuisine in Crystal Lake and Lake in the Hills, offers several dishes that are naturally gluten free, including Moo Goo Gai Pan and Pad Thai, and you can also order egg foo yung gluten free.  We had a wonderful meal at Yu’s Mandarin, but their extensive menu doesn’t emphasize their many gluten free dishes.

Japanese restaurants also have a number of dishes that are gluten free, but are more likely to feature the gluten free options. See the Kids and Gluten Free menu for Pl8 in Barrington.

And the Middle Eastern restaurants, the Indian restaurants, and others.  To my mind, they are missing a terrific marketing opportunity.  Maybe there is a trade group that could take the initiative to publicize this.

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