About the blog –                                                                                                                                                       Checking the internet for information on gluten free choices, I found a lot of sites that concentrated on recipes.  This blog is intended to provide information on restaurants, prepared foods and mixes, and may only occasionally provide recipes.  There will be a primary focus on northwest suburban Chicago restaurants, but others will be included.  This blog will include information, plus.  I will share my favorites, and other subjective comments with the listings.

Any mention of products or restaurants is based on experience.  I don’t have any sponsors.

About Me –                                                                                                                                                        I have been gluten free for over four years.  I don’t seem to have a really high level of intolerance, but have found that the diet has resulted in almost eliminating uncomfortable episodes.  (Only three times in the past two years, and that was very possibly due to cross-contamination.)  I do strongly urge readers who are celiac or who have very high levels of intolerance to keep this in mind when reading my listings or recommendations.

I am mostly retired, being somewhat involved in the antique business, with booth space in  Ohio (Heart of Ohio).  Another interest/passion of mine is native plants and conservation.  I have been involved with the Wildflower Preservation and Propagation Committee – WPPC – in McHenry County for over 25 years.  During the last fourteen years, I have managed a mentoring program for the WPPC.  Chicago Living Corridors  is a new umbrella organization encompassing a number of local conservation organizations.  The website provides a lot of information on resources and current issues.

My current lifestyle doesn’t include a great deal of at-home cooking.  My husband and I do eat out fairly often, and the convenience of prepared foods provides another solution to mealtime.  Gluten-free scratch cooking – especially baking – requires the use of a number of specialty flours.  For that reason I have looked for mixes which can be prepared much the way non-gluten free items can be.  The prospect of stocking a number of flour products which would be used infrequently didn’t seem like a good solution.

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