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Our New York Trip

We had a full calendar during our five-day stay in New York.  Our group visited the photo 6Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, The 9/11 Memorial, the American Museum of Natural History, The New York Historical Society, the diamond district (the only purchase was a new watch band!), The High Line park, Central Park, the Guggenheim Museum, saw a play, and – of course – ate in a number of restaurants.   Our trip was not planned around proximity to gluten free restaurants.  Still – although the restaurants were all knowledgeable about gluten free issues, and could tell me which items on the menu were safe for me to order – none of the New York restaurants where we ate had a GF menu, or GF items noted on their menu.

All the same, we had many excellent meals, even if my own choices were a bit limited.  From breakfast at Sarabeth’s (Central Park South location), to “coffee and” at Bottega del Vino (where I had a delicious almond creme brûlée), a fine meal at the Evergreen Shanghai restaurant, and lunch in the restaurant at the photo 3
New York Historical Society, we enjoyed our eating experiences.  (The photo shows the tasteful decor at the Historical Society restaurant Caffe Storico, and the display of antique dishes really appealed to this antique dealer’s heart.  English china is my main area of interest.)  We met with friends and had a great evening at Campagna Quattro Gatti on East 81st St. where they did have GF pasta.

(The New York Historical Society has proven to be a very worthwhile destination for us,.  On two separate trips to New York, we discovered excellent, well-mounted exhibits that provided a lot of context, in addition to the usual display of objects.  If you’re planning on visiting New York, I would highly recommend this jewel of a museum.  There is a quiet atmosphere that permits and encourages thoughtful viewing.)

Worth noting is the prevalence of the 24-hour buffet restaurants.  Marche Madison was steps from our hotel, and a great breakfast stop for us.  Many of the hot dishes that were available for lunch and dinner meals looked enticing, and I could imagine I’d eat there fairly often if I were a resident.

From a gluten-free perspective, I realized how appreciative I am for the great GF options available in the Chicago area.  Many of the restaurants here appear to have a commitment to accommodating the gluten free community that appears to be lacking in New York.