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Catching Up

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  My husband had a series of health issues recently, and is now recovered.  I’m happy to be back online, and have some new finds to report.

First off, I’ll be adding Kinnikinnick Foods Inc. to my product list.  I only recently discovered their bread.

IMG_0930 I bought a loaf of their white bread for sandwiches, and it is the closest thing to conventional white bread I’ve found.  Texture and size are really an improvement over other loaves.  I checked online, and they have a number of gluten free products that I plan on trying, including several other breads.  I hope my local stores carry their hamburger and hot dog buns.

Kinnikinnick is a Canadian company, out of Edmonton.  Even so, the Kinnikinnick site shows a number of groceries in the Northwestern suburbs that carry their products.  A number of Jewel-Osco stores are listed



There will also be another addition to the list of restaurants that offer a selection of gluten free dishes.

Chessie’s is in the Ice House, and the restaurant provides seating in a train car.  Check out their website, and see a photo of the restaurant, along with a view of their menu.  The gluten free options are a section at the end of the menu.


Ciao Baby Dinner

Last night, we went for dinner in Barrington at Ciao Baby.  This is a small local Italian restaurant.  They have gluten free pasta, and other preparations for the gluten free diner.  I ordered a daily special from the chalk board – a Parmesan-crusted tilapia.  The presentation was very nice,Crusted Tilapia and I very much enjoyed the meal.   The tilapia was placed on a bed of sticky rice, and the grilled zucchini, asparagus, peppers, and mushroom added a colorful and tasteful accompaniment.

Definite thumbs up!