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Fridge on the Fritz

Our refrigerator went on the fritz last Thursday.  We couldn’t get the repairman to come until Monday.  It’s amazing how much this impacted us for those few days and how we take the convenience of the refrigerator for granted.  Some of the food in the freezer had to be discarded.  Ice cream had melted, for instance, and some of the frozen meals were beyond saving.  We took advantage of the situation to clear our freezer of some of the older items.  Fortunately, my stock of gluten free bread and pita was salvaged, and put in the spare refrigerator/freezer we keep in the garage.

The major inconvenience was just in the day-to-day access to refrigerated food.  Our garage is not attached to the house.  The weather had changed over the week-end and became cold, windy and rainy, so the trips to get food out of the refrigerator were somewhat unpleasant.   The weather insult came on Monday, when we got a fresh layer of snow.

The pita bread mentioned above is a very versatile product, and my favorite item from Rose’s Cafe & Bakery in Evanston.  You can use it instead of bread for a sandwich or wrap, tear it to use with dips (hummus, etc.) or warm it and spread it with butter and jam.  Rose’s has many baked items and prepared foods that you can eat in their cafe or take home.  They have recently opened another location in Highland Park.

Rose’s Cafe & Bakery
2901 Central Avenue
Evanston, IL 60201