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Loved the food, hated the noise

Shakou Sushi is a new addition to Barrington, and is the third location for this restaurant.  (The other locations are in St. Charles and Libertyville.) The Barrington location is at 121 West Main Street, in the recently-opened Barrington Village Center.

First – the good things – attractive decor, with imaginative wall treatment and very contemporary feeling.  The extensive menu has a range of choices with soups, salads, cold and hot appetizers, sushi, dinner selections, and a page of gluten free choices.  Our table had the Secret Garden for  appetizer. I had the Sambal Shrimp dinner, and a lemon sorbet for dessert.  Presentation was excellent, and everyone at our table loved their food.

It sounds like a winner, doesn’t it, but I don’t expect to go back.  The noise was overwhelming.  We couldn’t carry on a conversation, and when talking to the waitress, sometimes had to repeat what we said a couple of times.

Do today’s restaurateurs really think we enjoy not being able to talk to each other?  Is noise supposed to equal fun?  Not for me!  The New York Times had an article that invited reader input on the subject.  Strangely, in all the reviews I read about Shakou, no one mentioned the noise.