A Great New Discovery, and a Question

Last night, my husband and I were going out for dinner, and there was too long of a wait where we started out, so we pushed on to try a restaurant that had been recommended by our daughter.  In Crystal Lake, 1776 offered great menu in a tastefully appointed restaurant.  Although we don’t frequently drink wine, their selection was extensive, and award-winning.

The room was a bit dark, so I don’t have photos to share, but the dinners were quite delicious and artfully presented.  My husband chose the jambalaya (the seasoning was just right), and I had the daily special, grilled scallops.

A real bonus – the room is not too noisy for conversation.  More and more, that has become a consideration in our restaurant choices.

It was only after our dinner that I was checking reviews online, and I found out that the owner of the restaurant is celiac, so is very attentive to menu options that are gluten free.  I hadn’t even asked about this when we were ordering, since I had a bottle of Glutenease with me, so I had planned on having the table bread.


Have any of you been introduced to this product?  I had been told about it by a friend several weeks previously, and have been experimenting occasionally.  I haven’t been disappointed yet.  I can eat table bread and regular pasta.  I need to discuss it with my physician.

I highly recommend 1776 for a fine dining experience.  We plan to go back again soon.

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