A restaurant does the right thing

A few days ago, I made a repeat visit to a restaurant that I had already reviewed.  I ordered a sandwich that is available either gluten free or non-gluten free.  Of course, I ordered the gluten free version.

As I was eating the sandwich, I suspected that I had been given the non-gluten free version due to feelings of discomfort.   I went to the order station and asked if they would check my order.  They were very responsive, and told me that I had not been given the gluten-free sandwich.  The manager was called for.  After the situation was explained to her, she immediately refunded the money I had paid for my lunch, and proceeded to give me a gift card.  While I was talking with the manager, the employee who had taken my order came over, and apologized.  She said she had taken my order and was very sorry for the error.  I  was impressed with their honesty, and willingness to admit their mistake.

I inquired about the bun – and asked if it was a wheat bun.  The good news was that – while the sandwich was not gluten free, it was on an oatmeal bun.  The fact that I had not had a wheat bun, coupled with the fact that I carry medication that helps control symptoms if I run into trouble, meant that my discomfort was thankfully fairly limited.

The response of the staff at the restaurant really de-fused what could have been a combative situation.  While I was upset that the restaurant had made the error, I felt they did what they could to make things right.   They didn’t try to blame me or cover up their error.  What a good policy for a business to have!

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